Generic Tadalafil – Erectile Dysfunction.

Tadalafil 20mg should not be combined with Adcirca.

Generic Diflucan


The medicine made Diflukan yeast – original fluconazole. The term “original” means that the active ingredient – the result of the research activities of the company, which was first synthesized the substance and has conducted numerous clinical studies. Generics are the same products as the originals, but the price is much lower as companies didn’t have to make stadies again and get the patent.

Clinical studies

  • The preparation from yeast Diflukan® passed 28 clinical studies in 19 countries involving 4942 patients for the study of the safety and efficacy of one of his testimony – the treatment of uncomplicated forms of yeast single dose of 150 mg – and this is only a small part of all the studies.
  • With rare episodes of the disease should use the package “1 capsule” as a quick remedy for yeast infection, the so-called “first aid”. For ease of use with relapsing forms of candidiasis, which requires long-term treatment, Generic Diflukan® 150 mg is available in the new packages “4 capsules” and “12 capsules’ at an economical cost.


  • On the first day of the drug Diflukan® 150 mg acute symptoms of thrush (itching, burning, and others.) They are usually reduced, and on the second day, they will stop to worry you.
  • Taking just one capsule of 150 mg of the drug Diflukan® with rare episodes of thrush (when symptoms occur up to 3 times for 12 months), you can count on the elimination of symptoms in 80-90% cases.
  • If exacerbation of thrush occur 4 times or more in 12 months, it is recurrent (chronic) thrush, and doctors prescribe, as a rule, a longer course of treatment. In this Diflukan® effectively combats the symptoms and with high probability reduces the incidence of recurrent episodes of thrush when properly prescribed therapy in 91% of patsientok5.

Security Diflucan

  • In the studies Diflukan® was well tolerated in 91% of patients. In 99% of cases there was not a single serious adverse case.
  • Choosing drugs for the treatment of thrush, remember that the drug released by developer with an impeccable reputation – a guarantee of security for your health.

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